Sonya paid $2.75 per pound for fresh fish last week. This week, she paid a total of $1.20 more when she purchased 3 pounds of fish. What is the price per pound this week, in dollars per pound?

Accepted Solution

The price of fish this week is $3.15 per poundStep-by-step explanation:We have to find the total price of 3 pound fish for last weekSo,Price of fish per pound = $2.75Price of 3 pound fish = 2.75 * 3 = $8.25As she made $1.20 more in total for 3 pound fish this weekPrice of 3 pound fish this week = 8.25+1.20 = $9.45$9.45 is the total price for 3 pound fish this week.So,Price per pound this week will be:[tex]=\frac{9.45}{3}\\=3.15[/tex]Hence,The price of fish this week is $3.15 per poundKeywords: Measurements, Unit priceLearn more about unit price at:brainly.com/question/13063819brainly.com/question/13219835#LearnwithBrainly