PLEASE HELP ME IM BAD AT THIS EVEN THOUGH ITS REALLY EASY! SO YOU PROBABLY COULD DO IT!Melissa bought 3 loaves of freshly baked bread at a specialty bread shop. She paid twice as much for the whole grain bread as for the French bread, and $2.50 more for the cinnamon raisin bread than for the whole grain bread. She spent a total of $11.25 for the 3 loaves. If f represents the price of a loaf of French bread, which equations describe this situation? Select two answers. CHOICES BELOW

Accepted Solution

Answer:THE ANSWERS ARE OPTION C and EStep-by-step explanation:so there are 3 different types of loaves .the price of french bread is [tex]f\\[/tex];from the question , we find that the price of wheat bread is twice of that of the french bread. thus ,the price of wheat bread is [tex]2f[/tex];the price of cinnamon raisin bread is $2.50 more than the wheat bread. thus ,the price of cinnamon raisin bread is [tex]2f+2.50[/tex];now the total amount she spent was : $11.25thus ,[tex]f+2f+(2f+2.50)=11.25[/tex]which gives us ,[tex]5f+2.50=11.25\\5f=8.75[/tex]∴ The correct answers are C and E